The MGT Story

 Travel and experiences are education in themselves.

Early beginnings

Maria Louise Kruger loved travelling… in fact, despite being a qualified pharmacist, she chose to become a ‘professional tourist’ -  using every opportunity to discover the planet, and learn from other cultures. After many flights, coach trips, and cruises, visiting more than 76 countries (living in two), and interacting with thousands of people across the globe, she finally settled in South Africa. She decided to share her passion for South Africa, as well as the wealth of experience and knowhow she has gained through the years.

The first step was to qualify as a national culture guide in 2004. Makiti Guides & Tours was born to be the vehicle for her dream.

Not long afterwards, her guiding mentor suggested that she starts a guiding school. Having identified the gaps in the industry, she then whole heartedly threw herself into this new venture.

Makiti Guides & Tours became an accredited Cathsseta (at the time known as Theta) provider in 2006. All though many facilitated projects were completed up to date (the largest being 200 learners in KwaZulu-Natal 2012), the company was looking for new innovative ways to enhance the quality of guides. In 2008, e-learning for guides was pioneered on the platform. Incorporating a strong practical component, the training soon gained industry recognition for qualifying excellent guides.

Why then MGT Training Solutions?

In 2016, the Department of Higher Education made it compulsory for private institutions offering qualifications to register as a Further Education and Training College. Due to the administrative and financial cost to comply, it was decided to use a more 'generic' institute (as opposed to registering two companies with DHET) in order to increase the scope for future courses in fields other than tour operations. Therefore, MGT Training Solutions (with fond reference to our early beginnings) saw the light. Makiti Guides & Tours remains an integral part of our operations as the practical component.